Prienamed Medical Center Munich

At the Prienamed Medical Center Munich the following medical fields have been united under one roof:

General medicine, orthopedics, physical and rehabilitation medicine, internal medicine, dentistry, sports medicine, fitness diagnosis and physical therapy.

Under the motto “Together We Are Stronger,” we speak the multidiscplinary
language of holistic medicine.

We understand holistic medicine as a combination of the newest methods from conventional medicine combined with the wealth of experience from naturopathy. You, the patient, with your individual mind, body and soul are the focus of our work. Because every person is different, our team will style for you a tailor- made health plan that will fit your specific needs. Our medical approach is not a threat of “either… or else….” Rather, a multidisciplinary “as well as ….” Thru the combination of various medical and therapeutic techniques, we strive for an optimal treatment effect designed just for you. That is our purpose!


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