Naturopathic / Holistic

Naturopathic treatment is defined as:

all measures leading to a healthy state using natural therapeutic stimuli to promote the self-healing mechanism. (melchart)

All naturopathic treatments follow the stimuli-reaction principle. This means if we create a stimulus on or in the body, it will react accordingly. How strong or how fast the body reacts differs from person to person.
Compared to conventional medicine, naturopathic treatment has a longer lasting effect. For example, the effects from a pill last only as long as you take it, while the effects from a naturopathy treatment continue on even after therapy has ended.
Naturopathic treatments have an extensive field of application, last longer, are
gentler and often less expensive than conventional medicine.
In our practice we offer a wide range of naturopathic treatments which we
combine according to the specific needs of our patients.


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