Special Examination Methods

Arterial stiffness index (ASI)
The Cardiovision MS2000 brings in a whole new aspect. We can establish the elasticity in the arteries of the arm which concludes the condition of the artery walls.
An elevated ASI determines arteriosclerosis especially in the heart vessels. The higher the ASI count, the greater the hardening of the arteries and calcification of the coronary arteries.

Body fat analysis
Here the body mass index is measured and the percentage of body fat calculated to indicate overall fitness. The goal is to stop the development of arteriosclerosis and to protect the inner wall of the vessels.

Framingham Risk Analysis
This computer assisted analysis based on the great Framingham Heart Study enables calculation of total coronary heart disease risk.

Free Radicals
Free radicals are highly reactive molecules which in higher concentrations, as reactive oxygen electrons, are capable of damaging the lining of the artery walls as well as the entire vessel wall.

Determine level of fitness with the Heart Rate Variability
A computer supported system which measures heart rate fluctuations. The algorithm used has been tested on more than 15,000 patients over the last 20 years.

– Health Express
This test reports body condition and regulative capabilities of the vegetative nervous system using the Reaction Analysis from the orthostatic stress test (regulation while standing for a longer period of time).

– Nerve Express
This system checks the autonomic nervous system (ANS), mainly the sympathic and parasympathic while at rest and during orthostasis (standing upright).

Osteoporosis (bone density)
Using the ultrasonometer, various waves measure stiffness in the heel determining a “stiffness index” which brings to light fracture risk and is comparable to the x-ray absorptiometry of the hips and spine to test bone mineral density, however, the ultrasonometer does not produce harmful radiation.


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