Orthopedics is the treatment of disease and injuries of the musculoskeletal system. The causes can be due to injury, malformation, overuse, infection and disease from rheumatic diseases, tumors or malfunctions of the nervous system.
Since completing our degree in orthopedic surgery, we have now become specialized in a more conservative approach to orthopedic medicine. It is very important to diagnose correctly the source of the disease of the musculoskeletal system, which can originate from another part of the body entirely from where pain is felt and in some cases, even outside the field of orthopedics.
Jawbone malfunction can be responsible for up to 60% of all chronic back problems. Disturbance fields (focals) have a close relationship with the joints. Chronic tonsillitis can produce massive knee pain, and allergies and intolerances can be traced back to repeated disturbances of the spine. Of course malfunctions of the spine can also affect the internal organs with painful breathing, heart palpitations, stomach aches or similar symptoms.
Our job is to discover this often very complicated association and treat it using various forms of therapy. It is crucial in difficult cases to have a close cooperation between dentists and doctors from other areas of expertise in holistic medicine.


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