Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry does not see the oral cavity and teeth as isolated entities, but rather as interacting components with the entire body. The source of health problems may not necessarily be in the area where pain is felt.
For example, a tooth problem can cause symptoms to occur in the joints.
Especially in the case of chronic pain should all diagnostic possibilities be exhausted. Holistic dentistry has developed an assessment and therapy procedure which allow the dentist to find these associations.

There are three chronic disorders of the oral \ jaw region which can affect the entire body:

  • Dental material intolerance:
    With help of AK we can test all filling material for intolerance.
  • Chronic, asymptomatic inflammation of the masticatory system:
    Painless, chronic infections of the teeth, the peridontium (gums) and the jaw bone with no apparent symptoms are what we call silent chronic inflammation. It is without symptoms because the immune system is constantly working to combat the infection. However, over time, the continual strain weakens the immune system and in some cases, causes an outbreak of an illness or disease in another region of the body.
  • Disorder of the masticatory system (especially in the jaw bone and masticatory muscles):
    An over or under bite could be the source of shoulder, hip or knee pain.

Holistic dentistry uses additional naturopathic methods for treating dental disease.

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