Doctors and Therapists

Dr. med. Dirk Polonius

Title: Doctor of Physiatry
Additional titles in: naturopathy, chirotherapy
Area of Expertise: traditional Chinese acupuncture, applied kinesiology, homeopathy
Lectureship: Lecturer for chirotherapy and manual medicine for the Germany Society
of Manual Medicine
Lecturer for naturopathic medicine at the “Munich Model, ” Technical University Munich
Member of the board of directors and lecturer at the Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Association , associate professor at th 1st Medical University, Shanghai, China
Manual medicine / osteopathy for orthodontists
Manual medicine / osteopathy for ENT specialists
Manual medicine / osteopathy for dentists
Books: Co-author of the following medical books:
Naturheilverfahren (Melchart Hrsg.) – Leitfaden für die ärztliche Aus-, Fort- und
Weiterbildung – Schattauerverlag 2002
“Naturopathic healing- A Guide to Medical Training and Continued Education” (Schattauer
Das grosse Lexikon der modernen Medizin (v. Keudell Hrsg.) – Lingen-Verlag
“The Encyclopedia of Modern Medicine“ (Lingen publishing)
Die neuen Zivilisationskrankheiten (v. Keudell Hrsg.) – Honos-Verlag
“The New Diseases of Civilization” (Honos publishing)

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