Prienamed MEGA Check

The Prienamed MEGA Check 

A holistic check-up program unique in Germany.

We want that you can “age in good health“ so we have developed a concept combining the newest methods from conventional medicine complimented with the vast knowledge of naturopathy.

The goal of a complete physical examination is to help detect and treat health disorders in its early stages so that you can truly age healthy.

To achieve this, we recommend that you have your check-ups on a regular basis, regardless of past results.
Think of us as your long- term partners for promoting your well being and good health.

Your Prienamed MEGA Check Team

The Prienamed MEGA Check up Program- The complete physical check-up in one day!

We know that time is precious. Therefore, we offer a complete physical examination for our patients in one day!

  • The new cardio- vascular check-up:
    – Determines the arteriosclerosis index
    – Heart rate variability to determine fitness level
    – Framingham risk analysis
    – Determining free radicals
    – Body fat analysis
    – ECG, stress ECG, spirometry pulmonary function test
    – Large laboratory for extensive testing
  • Internal examination with sonography for organ and vessel diagnosis
  • Physical examination using traditional Chinese diagnostic methods and applied kinesiology
  • Computer assisted dermatology check with complete skin check
  • Computer aided muscle function analysis with training plan
  • Supplementary massage or use of the Qi machine for relaxation
  • Holistic dental check-up
  • Holistic orthopedic check up using chiropractic therapy, osteopathic medicine, osteoporosis screening
  • Holistic urological examination with carcinoma screening
  • Naturopathic gynecologic exam
  • Holistic neurological examination

Three to four weeks after your examination, you will receive a complete medical file with a summarization of the examination and helpful tips to establish or maintain good health. We would like you to see us as your long term partners for maintaining your health!
You can find further details concerning our diagnosis and therapy procedures under “Diagnosis and Therapy”.

Interested? Then write or call us and we will send you free of charge a Prienamed MEGA Check brochure.: Telephone: 08051 / 9655-0, Fax -110 or email:


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